K-Ninja Samurai

K-Ninja Samurai for Windows

Browser based on Mozilla with tabs, integrated Google search etc.

Very good

K-Ninja v2.0.2 is a compact, fast and adaptable freeware web browser for Windows. It features a special rendering engine that utilises the latest Mozilla/Gecko Rendering Engine release. This engine supports most current Web Standards (HTML 4.0, CSS, XHTML etc.).

K-Ninja also has tabbed browsing, which are called Layers. New layers can be opened and closed with the Open & Close Layers buttons. There's also a compact menu to increase the viewing space for the webpage.

Of course, it also has a powerful Pop-up Blocker and Integrated Search function - just type a search term/word into the address bar, and click on the Search button. Results are then delivered via Google. Java, Javascript etc).

These and many many more features are awaiting you in K-Ninja Samurai.

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K-Ninja Samurai


K-Ninja Samurai 2.1.3

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